With just ten days to go until I officially begin My Year In Flux, it seems like the perfect time to pick up on some recent smart thinking from one of my favourite blogs, 99U, and conduct a quick ‘pre-mortem’, exploring ten reasons why this life experiment is sure to fail:

1) Lack of planning
You’d think that sketching out six months of travel, setting up this blog and trusting my instincts would have been enough – how naive. Everyone knows the best kind of flux is the minutely planned variety, with every granular detail worked out and safety nets etched in all the way. In the end, having looked at one too many sad, blank, available months in my diary, it was inevitable I’d cave in and return to the to do lists, agendas and appointments that make life great….

2) Financial short-sightedness.
Sure, I saved enough money to spend a year discovering new things, but I forgot about the incremental loss in financial status I now face after a year out of society. This has decimated my ambitions. I can no longer afford those designer clothes, furniture and luxury holidays that were so key to my former life, nor can I rely on £1,000s of credit any more. And to top it all off, I just didn’t factor in the cost of paying this ghostwriter for 500 excellent words thrice a week for my blog whilst I was busy living La Vida Loca. Back to the spreadsheets…

3) Madness
I wasn’t fully prepared for the psychological impact of 12 months of uncertainty, novelty and…well…flux. Who’d have known that, far from rounding out a personality and sending me careering off into my second act, the last year has merely served to gnaw away at niggling doubts. Was I better off before with 60 hour working weeks, a PHD in stress and little time to explore new things in life? Time to get back to regularity and those all important stable influences. Hello caffeine, nicotine and alcohol, my old friends…

4) Billy no mates
So keen was I to escape the daily grind and go in search of my destiny that I completely forgot about all my family and friends. And, to my astonishment, they forgot about me too! I mean, it is hard staying in touch in this day and age, and life moves so quickly that I missed a sizeable chunk of life with my most important people. They’ve all moved on, and now I have no one to watch my giant Year In Flux slideshow.

5) They told me not to do it
It was so simple and yet I didn’t see it coming! After the thousandth acquaintance congratulated me on deciding to take a break before frowning at my reckless job, home and possessions deletions, I decided to tone it down a bit and gave up after six weeks and returned to normal life – I still smile when I think about that supercharged-school-holiday of a break, and thank God I listened to the naysayers and turned back before it was too late.

6) Sidetracked to join *that* cult
Traveling was a large part of my plan initially, and everyone warned me about the risks and the *different* people and dossers I’d meet on my journey, but I didn’t expect to get sucked into this dangerous cult of people who see the world differently. Luckily, just before I transcended my former state, some helpful teenage backpackers who were passing saved me and we headed off to see some REAL sites on Bondai beach.

7) Forgot everything I learned
They say a year is a long time in politics, but no one told me that my world of creative media entrepreneurship and the arts would have shifted so seismically without me and, to compound it all, it feels like almost everything I’ve learned has evaporated in the last 365 days. Crazy!

8) Tired of London, tired of life
Disaster! Only weeks out of London and still in the infancy of my flux year, I realised I couldn’t live without the aggression, year round greyness, hecticness and wilful anonymity of London life. I give up, I’m coming back, I want my Oyster card back.

9) Acts of God: I died or was seriously injured on flux duty
If you’re reading this, it is too late – I took a risk, lived once and fell in the course of duty to such a terrible set of incidents that if I told you about them….well it’d be like that video tape off of that Japanese horror film. Anyway, I seriously regret that my final days on this earth were spent experiencing new things and enduring unadulterated fun. If only I’d have fallen under a London bus…

10) Success: This blog got too successful
Well this is embarrassing, but I just couldn’t maintain the flux once I realised the monetary potential of my thriving blog, which took off within weeks of launch. And then that TED talk…and then the consultancy game exploded…it just seemed much more exciting *talking* about life transition rather than actually *doing* it for a year.

Well there we have it, what a depressing load of nonsense. I’d recommend this as an exercise if you’re willing to test your mettle and laugh in the face of danger/ have a powerful ‘I told you so’ repost up your sleeve!

Now, with doubt and negativity exorcised, let the Flux fun begin! Come on life, what have you got in store?!

Thanks to Benny at fluentin3months for The Worst Language Advice You’ll Ever Receive which partly inspired this post.