As a mainstay of My Year In Flux, I’m devoting each of my 52 flux weeks to a different challenge – this ensures that, come what may, My Year In Flux will see 52 new skills/experiences attempted and documented – and I need your help to decide what these challenges will be. I have no rules – as long as the challenges are safe(ish), legal(ish), new (to me) and all different, I’ll give ‘em a try! They could encompass new skills, problems to solve, good causes, world record attempts or just random new stuff. Oh, and I won’t decide on the forthcoming weekly challenge until the end of the previous week, so in theory anything could happen!

Though some of these challenges will expand beyond the confines of a week, whatever happens, I pledge to focus on a new one on such a regular basis in order to keep the cycle of novelty going and stop routine and laziness creeping in. Whilst I realise that the Weekly Challenge is, in itself, a routine of sorts, I’m sure you’ll agree that it’s an excitingly-elastic one!

If you have an idea for my next weekly challenge, please get in touch using the contact page and maybe I’ll be doing your bidding next week!