My Year In Flux is a life experiment

David Dodd in a nice jacket

My Year In Flux is a year long life experiment to see if, by dismissing almost everything in life and learning 52 completely new skills in 52 weeks it is possible to reboot, re-energise, and come out the other side smiling. It might sound like the basis of a corny self-help book or the plot of an uplifting movie starring Julia Roberts. It isn’t, it’s my very own year in flux!

My name is David Dodd and I’m a 30-something creative entrepreneur from London who thought he had it all. Having founded a thriving little digital video agency at just the right moment and bought a nice flat in London at a good time as well, I was sitting pretty. But I wasn’t happy, I was bored, in fact I may even have been heading for a midlife crisis. So I took the decision to step outside my comfort zone and make a few changes. In March 2013, I left my business behind, rented out my flat, got rid of almost all my possessions and headed off to travel around the Americas. I also set myself the target of developing a sustainable and happy life within 1 year. During these twelve months I’m de-friending routine, familiarity and comfort. My new friends are novelty, chaos and chance, collectively known to me as ‘flux’.

Weekly Challenge: no more comfort zone

As part of My Year In Flux I’m attempting a brand new challenge every single week. This is imaginatively called my Weekly Challenge and you can read about the many new skills and experiences I’m accumulating here. So far I’ve saved turtles in Costa Rica, tried a raw food diet, managed to win in Las Vegas and nearly killed myself surfing; every single week sees a new challenge, and I need your help to decide what I’ll be doing next.

Flux for everyone

My Year In Flux is about getting out of the armchair and embracing everything life has to offer. It’s a career break with a difference, a blog charting a journey of self discovery and a record of my personal growth. It’s also a very different take on productivity and positive thinking. For all of these reasons, I decided to share My Year In Flux.

Surely I can’t be the only person who felt a little bored by normal life? Come on, put down the remote control, turn off Facebook and start fluxing. For inspiration on how to get moving, you should start here.

You can connect with me here at Google +, follow me on Twitter or Facebook, or all of the above, yay social media!