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Taking a year off was the best decision I ever made

Taking a year off was the best decision I ever made

Today marks one year since I gave up my job, home and cosy social world. That was a hard move for a borderline-workaholic materialistic socialite. 365 days on, my approach to life has changed completely.

3 easy steps to personal growth

After 3 months of my journey, I’ve worked out that living in flux is thrusting me along a path of self-development, and that makes me very happy indeed! Here I’m sharing the conclusions from my journey so far, as 3 easy steps to personal growth that you can try yourself. There are no shortcuts in...

52 Weekly challenges – help!

As a mainstay of My Year In Flux, I’m devoting each of my 52 flux weeks to a different challenge – this ensures that, come what may, My Year In Flux will see 52 new skills/experiences attempted and documented – and I need your help to decide what these challenges will be. I have no...

Day 1 of Flux – let the second act commence!

As the old addict recovery adage goes – today is the first day of the rest of my life. This is officially Day 1 of My Year In Flux, and I’m feel scared and empty. It feels weirdly appropriate to be commencing the Flux using the language of addiction and recovery – I have often...

Laying the foundations for MYIF

Previous posts on this blog have only hinted at exactly *how* I am planning to embrace the flux. The next paragraph or two will give you a sense of preliminary plans, including my weekly challenge and an eye-wateringly exciting journey across the Americas. Stopping working Work just gets in the way sometimes doesn’t it? On 1 Mar...

4 reasons I’m blogging My Year In Flux

The last thing the world needs is another blog. I decided if I couldn’t clearly reason out my choice to publicly document my year in flux, I shouldn’t do it. So here are the chief reasons why I’m writing here

What is My Year In Flux?

My Year In Flux is a one year, no-turning-back experiment to see if, by dismissing almost every stable element in life and starting again, it is possible to take control, reboot, and convert a potentially messy midlife crisis into a glorious new beginning. It might sound like the basis of a corny self help book...