1 year living outside the comfort zone
1 man, 1 completely new thing a week
1 career break with a difference!
Weekly roundup

Mental week: improve the mind with two brain training challenges

Following 7 days acclimatising-for-and-walking the Inca Trail in Peru last week, I collapsed in an exhausted heap and completely forgot to set a new Weekly Challenge. Come to mention it, I’ve also forgotten the last few hostels I stayed in during my recent month in Colombia…heck, I can barely remember what I had for breakfast...

The Pacific Coast Highway stole my week

Sometimes you can strive so hard for something that you don’t even realise when it’s staring you in the face. By committing to writing this blog during a year of uncertainty and novelty, I’ve effectively set the challenge of not only living a year in flux, but documenting it as well. Clearly there are going...

Week 4 roundup

You’re getting sick of hearing this already: its been another barnstorming week of flux, taking in a 48 hour train ride, Seattle, Vancouver and possibly the best photo I’ve captured in entire life (overstatement to retain interest), as part of the latest edition of my Weekly Challenge.

Week 3 roundup: planes, trains and automobiles

Waving goodbye to our worldly possessions (in a cold storage centre in South London) was a bit strange, but neither my wife nor I were sad to be heading off for 6 months with just our carry-on packs.

Week 2 roundup: frozen fond farewells

So two weeks into this year long life experiment and I honestly can’t say it is an easy state-of-being to relax into; limbo is the best way to describe life at present. However, that hasn’t gotten in the way of a lightning week taking in visits to Yorkshire, Switzerland and France. The week has also...

Week 1 roundup: safety and sleep

A week has passed since I gave up my job and began this year-long life experiment, embracing flux in the form of uncertainty and novelty. Not to sound deliberately dramatic, but my first week has been spent in recovery. Twelve years of near-constant work has left it’s indelible mark on my soul, so before heading...