My Weekly Challenge this week may be about wine, but every cause has an effect, and drinking wine to excess will make you see the world differently. So after drinking much tasty Malbec last night at the vineyard of a friend-of-a-friend, here in Mendoza, we got to talking with the vineyard owner about the problems of technology interfering with ‘the moment’. A point about which I recently ranted in this photo zombies piece.

Our new wine friend had an opposing view to mine, and remains convinced that technology will shortly make ‘the junction’ with our minds so that we no longer need stupid devices to take pictures, notes and messages, that all of this will be possible with some kind of imminently-available implant technology, and that once we can see, share and electronically discuss an event simultaneously, we’ll all be having a richer experience.

It sounded ridiculous and far fetched to me, both the technology and the idea that such advances will eventually enhance (rather than inhibit) our appreciation of important moments, but maybe I’m being incredibly shortsighted?

So here, to address my shortsightedness, is a cool quote from Arthur Schopenhauer, which serves to remind that every great invention starts off as a ludicrous idea.

“Everyone takes the limits of his own vision for the limits of the world”
Arthur Schopenhauer

The world does not sit in the centre of the universe, is not flat, and does not have great oceanic beasties lurking in the depths. We shouldn’t be scared about the extent of our own vision, we shouldn’t dismiss the unimaginable as unthinkable, we should embrace it. That’s what My Year In Flux is all about. Cheers wine, you’re definitely helping!