The last thing the world needs is another blog. I decided if I couldn’t clearly reason out my choice to publicly document my year in flux, I shouldn’t do it. So here are the chief reasons why I’m writing here:

  1. Documentation. I need to work out what I want to do next, and the more I talk about it, write about it and seek feedback on it, the more likely I am to understand the right path.
  2. I need a job. If this blog doesn’t become my next line of work, it will at least prove to future clients/employers that this year in flux was a managed exercise which helped me grow personally and professionally.
  3. I want to help you! Since deciding to chuck everything in and start again, I’ve spoken to so many people who ‘wish they could do the same but…<insert excuse here>.’ I hope that my experiences here might inspire a few people who need to embrace their own flux, perhaps proving to them that it’s not so daunting, and flag up the mistakes I make so they don’t have to.
  4. And finally…to try new things! Most importantly of all, this blog is just one of the new experiences I’m embracing as part of my flux project. So bear with me whilst I blunder around and learn how to blog, it’s all a bit new to me.