How many times did you step outside your comfort zone today? The longer I continue with a 40 litre pack strapped to my sweaty back, the more merits I see to this traveling lifestyle, particularly when it comes to living in flux, because pretty much every day I find myself thrust outside my comfort zone. Whether its trusting someone unknown in a dodgy bus station, bartering confidently in Spanish or swimming in gribbly-infested waters, almost every day I am compelled to step into the unknown, against all my instincts. I know this sounds a bit traveler-cliché but seriously, ask yourself whether you’re getting beyond your comfort zone often enough? If not, a stint on the road might be a helpful trigger.

On that subject, I enjoyed a great photo essay by thisamericangirl about conquering fears whilst traveling. The post focuses on the author’s somewhat hazardous hike around Costa Rica’s wild Osa Peninsula, which included wading through a crocodile and bull shark infested river. She had serious fears to conquer in order to attempt this hike, and speaks well on why it was the right (and wrong!) thing to do. Have a read, it’ll only take a few minutes!