It’s official – Ben Affleck has survived his years in flux and emerged as a fully-formed mainstream Hollywood director with major awards to boot.

Watching Affleck striding around clutching major directorial awards at the BAFTAs just three weeks before I enter my own self-imposed flux felt extremely poignant – this isn’t the usual boom-and-bust celebrity story, Affleck has done one thing very successfully and, without missing a beat – well, okay, having missed many many beats, he has transcended his peers, Jennifer Lopez and a turkey-laden acting career to helm two good movies (Gone Baby Gone and The Town) and one great one (Argo). If you told me you saw that coming, I would attempt to raise an eyebrow in surprise and disgust (alas, no matter how hard I try, I cannot manage the eyebrow thing).

Affleck’s transitional success finally hit home when he was collecting one of several BAFTAs for the excellent Argo. He took to the stage, looked out at his peers, and in what felt like a genuinely heartfelt speech, he hit the nail on the head.

“…this is a second act for me, this industry has given me that, and I’m so thankful and so proud. So I want to dedicate this to anyone out there who is trying to get their second act, because you can do it.”

I never thought I’d say this, but Ben Affleck, I forgive your cinematic misdemeanors, you are an inspiration. Crivens, this year is going to be difficult if I feel I have to apologise like this for the next twelve months.