Following 7 days acclimatising-for-and-walking the Inca Trail in Peru last week, I collapsed in an exhausted heap and completely forgot to set a new Weekly Challenge. Come to mention it, I’ve also forgotten the last few hostels I stayed in during my recent month in Colombia…heck, I can barely remember what I had for breakfast this morning. My memory is clearly in decline and needs some spring cleaning…or perhaps a little brain training. Enter stage left: Mental Week, 2 challenges in one week, both with the intention of developing my mental function with a little light brain training.

Mental Week: 1 week, 2 brain training challenges

I’m taking on 2 brain training challenges because of my lapse last week. If you don’t hear about how they went for a while, it won’t be because I’ve forgotten to post (that would be ironic thought, wouldn’t it?) it’ll be because I’m currently in Bolivia with only occasional access to Internet.

The first challenge will focus on memory and you can read all about it here.

The second challenge is about Mental Photography, and you’ll find details of it here.

Living in flux is about taking your brain for a spin…

Once the two challenges are complete, I promise to use my big new wobbly brain to tell you all about how I got on. Don’t expect any science, it’ll be mere conjecture. What Mental Week will, I hope, serve to remind you all is that you CAN learn new tricks and you therefore NEEDN’T accept the status quo if you’re not happy with it. Living in flux is all about asking if there are more, new, interesting, different things for us to discover beyond our familiar field of view. I believe there are significant psychological benefits to that journey of discovery, so don’t let society dictate that you shouldn’t embrace novelty, it’s a wonderful way of waking the brain up and taking it for a spin.

The human brain is the most sophisticated computer ever built, let’s make sure we continue to put it to good use, however happy we might be with those old-dog tricks.