Week 4 of my weekly challenges was all about taking one amazing photograph. I’m so on top of it right now, I have no objectivity, and no idea if I was successful (I suspect not!), but I have made a shortlist of photos from the week which I am pleased with, along with my collection of Sad Bikes.

Begrudgingly, I’ve also done what the challenge demanded and chosen one photograph which may or may not be amazing!

One amazing photo?

I shot this at sunrise on Easter Day in Vancouver. It depicts the Vancouver Science World dome. Okay, okay, it might be a little cheesy, but I love the stillness, simplicity and symmetry of this shot. To hell with it, I’m really pleased with this pic!

The photography challenge has definitely made me stop and think about how I document this year photographically, it’s equipped me with new skills and pushed me outside my photographic comfort zone. Here’s hoping the benefits will continue to flow…

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