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Weekly Challenge #33: digital detox

Phones down, email away, internet begone. I'm going digital-free for one week.

The Inca Trail: lost city, very much found

My 21st Weekly Challenge coincided with us having reached Peru on our travels through the Americas, so there only seemed one real challenge to take on…to walk the ancient Inca Trail to the famous lost city of Machu Pichu. Well, I did it, saw it and got the photo, and now I want to share...

Why I hate backpacking

If you seriously thought I could become a blissed-out backpacker just by the act of donning a pack, travel itinerary and tight budget, you were wrong. Part of the problem is that backpackers really get on my wick – I can’t be the only one, can I? Vampire My biggest problem isn’t with backpackers, but...

Why I love backpacking

The so-called Flux life I’ve been dreaming of and writing about since this blog began has taken off in a big way this week. So packed has it been, that recounting the facts to you is liable to sound something like a Flux-inflected Craig David ditty. So don your dodgy facial hair and UK R&B...

Week 3 roundup: planes, trains and automobiles

Waving goodbye to our worldly possessions (in a cold storage centre in South London) was a bit strange, but neither my wife nor I were sad to be heading off for 6 months with just our carry-on packs.

Travel: what we planned and how

In the third of my weekly flux challenges I’ve charged myself with becoming a backpacker. Some of this took forward planning, so I want to fill in some backstory and explain why I’m writing this from a freezing cold Chicago. I hate FAQs, but it is a convenient format in this case… Where are you...