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Taking a year off was the best decision I ever made

Taking a year off was the best decision I ever made

Today marks one year since I gave up my job, home and cosy social world. That was a hard move for a borderline-workaholic materialistic socialite. 365 days on, my approach to life has changed completely.

Weekly Challenge #36: bookbinding

Despite being a galumphing left-hander, this week I'm going to prove the naysayers wrong, as I learn to produce beautiful handmade books.

Weekly Challenge #35: achieve nothing

This week I plan to achieve absolutely zilch. This won't be an easy challenge for a self-confessed achievement addict.
6 lessons learned from 6 months in flux

6 lessons learned from 6 months in flux

Half a year ago today my wife and I hit the pause button on our careers, waved goodbye to everything and began our quest for a new lifestyle. For me it also signalled the beginning of My Year In Flux, and today is the half way point in this, my life experiment of a lifetime....
How I overcame Impostor Syndrome

How I overcame Impostor Syndrome

This piece over at Cyclone Life about Impostor Syndrome reminded me that I’d been meaning to write something on the subject for a while. Before My Year In Flux began I suffered from Impostor Syndrome (that feeling of being a dummy who is fraudulently out-of-his-depth and about to be discovered as a charlatan at any...

A man’s character is his fate

“A man’s character is his fate” Heraclites I’d been ruminating on this subject and steadily arriving at the very same conclusion as famous Greek philosopher Heraclites did all those years ago, so instead of rattling on, like I’m wont to do, I’m sharing a quote with this thought about character, instead. Appropriate, don’t you think?...

Rusty spoon syndrome: changing personality traits

If you could change one or two personality traits in exchange for a happier life, would you? Of course you would. Now here is the same question loaded in a more practical way: if you pinpointed one characteristic you disliked, would you actually be able to get rid of it? Maybe, but for most of...