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Week 4 roundup

You’re getting sick of hearing this already: its been another barnstorming week of flux, taking in a 48 hour train ride, Seattle, Vancouver and possibly the best photo I’ve captured in entire life (overstatement to retain interest), as part of the latest edition of my Weekly Challenge.

Weekly challenge #4: one amazing photo

This week was photography week, and I’m writing about it completely retrospectively, somehow a focus on imagery has stolen the words away from me these past seven days! I can take good, but unremarkable and usually cliched photos It makes sense to set relevant challenges – learning to be a better photographer has many benefits:...

Week 3 roundup: planes, trains and automobiles

Waving goodbye to our worldly possessions (in a cold storage centre in South London) was a bit strange, but neither my wife nor I were sad to be heading off for 6 months with just our carry-on packs.