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Weekly Challenge #12: Volunteer for a good cause

This week I’m heading to a remote corner of Costa Rica for a week of turtle conservation as a volunteer. I’ve been in Costa Rica for nearly a week and I’m loving it. As promised in Weekly Challenge #11, moving to a new country definitely helps to get you outside your comfort zone. When I...

Weekly Challenge #11: experience a new culture

Today, I’m shipping out to Costa Rica for a month – it’s a country I’ve never been to before, with a language I can’t speak (though I’ve started learning) and a culture I know little/nothing about. Perfect for someone who has quickly become too comfortable for his own good…

Weekly Challenge #7: Swing Dancing

After failing at my Chess Challenge in week 6, I took up swing dancing for a week. If I had thought hard about this challenge in advance, I would have considered anything that involved dancing as punishment, not just for me, but for everyone involved! Perhaps it could be penance for failing at chess the...