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Weekly Challenge #20: Fear audit

Fear, is good (as Gordon Gecko might have said if he’d been talking to investors in the current financial climate). To achieve anything meaningful, I believe we have to first step outside the comfort zone and feel the heat of fear and uncertainty. In those binary, sink-or-swim moments, we’re at our most potent. This week,...

Why are we all addicted to a fast food diet of fear?

Dabbling in extreme sports made me realise that fear is an essential tool for the journey of personal development. Thanks to Weekly Challenge #18, white water rafting and paragliding are two thrilling new experiences I can tick off my list, but they made me realise that most of us are hooked on a fast food...

Weekly Challenge #18: extreme sports

As my travels in South America have this week conveniently brought me to the home of extreme sports in Colombia, San Gil, I’ve decided to spend Weekly Challenge #18 trying a couple of the different extreme sports thrills on offer here. Sometimes travel can throw up these odd opportunities… Having a dabble with thrill-seeking might...