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You just described every success story ever

Winding our way across the USA by train I had plenty of time on my hands in the last few days, and as we were heading to Chicago, my wife and I settled down one night as we rumbled along through snowy North Dakota to watch Cameron Crowe’s forgotten classic Say Anything. In it, against...

Today is not your Groundhog Day

Two films I watched in the last week, Groundhog Day and This Is 40, reminded that, as with so many things in life, the traditional Hollywood narrative can be severely misleading when it comes to self improvement.
If Affleck can do it, anyone can do it

If Affleck can do it, anyone can do it

It’s official – Ben Affleck has survived his years in flux and emerged as a fully-formed mainstream Hollywood director with major awards to boot. Watching Affleck striding around clutching major directorial awards at the BAFTAs just three weeks before I enter my own self-imposed flux felt extremely poignant – this isn’t the usual boom-and-bust celebrity...