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Everyone hates a wine buff

Wine week. Conclusions. Good? Good, bad, weird. Advice for readers? Beware the Malbec spell. If it looks like my writing style has altered, perhaps it’s down to the state in which I have been left by all the fermented grape juice I disappeared during a week focused almost exclusively upon wine. Like a gibbering old...

Raw food diet: how did it go?

Raw food diet: the reality For my Weekly Challenge #14 I embarked upon a week of eating nothing but raw food. This challenge was a simple but great way to step outside the comfort zone, and as usual, the reality was far removed from any deep seated fears of the unknown, which in this case...

Raw food diet: confronting a complicated relationship with food

Ah, the raw food diet: holy grail for dieters, vegans and Guardian readers everywhere. I spent a week on a raw food diet whilst traveling in Costa Rica and survived to tell the tale, but not without stark realisations about my own relationship with food… Food confession #1: fear of hunger I have a confession...