So two weeks into this year long life experiment and I honestly can’t say it is an easy state-of-being to relax into; limbo is the best way to describe life at present. However, that hasn’t gotten in the way of a lightning week taking in visits to Yorkshire, Switzerland and France. The week has also been punctuated with multiple fond farewells to family and friends as we prepare to head off for six months of travelling, commencing next week…

Yorkshire snow to alpine avalanches
After visiting my Mum and Step Dad in snowy Yorkshire over the weekend, I headed off on Tuesday to alpine ski resort and party paradise Val D’Isere with the intention of seeing a dear old friend, and continuing my descent into relaxation by partaking in minimal partying and absolutely zero skiing (it wouldn’t be smart to shatter a limb so close to departing on major travels – and in Val, booze is as bigger hazard as winter sports). Well, I managed the second part of the bargain and didn’t take to the slopes; however my friend Ben Beaumont, who manages chalets in Val, had serious designs on my liver, so on arrival I was immediately ambushed with an avalanche of alcohol, which descended into a 9 hour drinking marathon. All my good sleep work last week went firmly on the back-burner!


Val D’Isere
Val D’Isere is eye-wateringly beautiful, so in this whistle-stop 48 hour visit much of my time was spent marvelling at the stunning natural landscape; where azure blue skies collide with chiseled mountain tops, giving way to snow-dusted alpine trees, jaw-droppingly steep slopes and the cosy chalets of the resort below. Quite, quite mesmerising.

The real reason for my visit, however, was to see Ben, who is something of a mentor (not to mention a serial fluxer himself). Words of support and advice are essential when you’re attempting a life transition, and Ben did both, providing ample ideas for my weekly challenges, as well as giving an interview for my Flux Heroes series and even giving me a tarot card reading! A man of many, many talents, as you will read in his interview, which we conducted over coffee atop the Jura mountains overlooking Lake Geneva.


Goodbye yellow brick road
The week closed with a farewell gathering with family and friends before my wife and I began packing up our home and possessions in preparation for our departure the following week. It is a strange thing, deconstructing one’s life, but well worthwhile in light of what’s to come – at least 6 months of travelling and 50 more weeks of flux!

It was tough to fit in my letter-writing challenge, in fact this has spilled over into my third week as a free spirit. Given all the action I’ve packed in, I think it’s allowable!