This week I’m heading to a remote corner of Costa Rica for a week of turtle conservation as a volunteer. I’ve been in Costa Rica for nearly a week and I’m loving it. As promised in Weekly Challenge #11, moving to a new country definitely helps to get you outside your comfort zone.

When I first announced to friends on Facebook that I’d be completing a new challenge every week as part of My Year In Flux (you can read my original post about Weekly Challenges here), one of the first comments suggested I volunteer with animals, or for another cause I believe in. Well, I love animals, and I’ve wanted to complete this challenge right from the beginning of My Year In Flux, moreover last year my wife visited a turtle hatchery in Borneo and came back raving about it, and Costa Rica happens to be home to a large proportion of endangered sea turtles: this seems like a great opportunity to see some incredible wildlife up close and give something back.

So the next week is going to be spent in a remote corner of the Caribbean coast of Costa Rica working to conserve turtles with the nice people at La Tortuga Feliz. I will have no wifi, and no electricity, so this challenge will be truly outside my comfort zone once again, but will also offer (I think) lots of space to think, away from the mayhem of travelling.

So, for one week only, it’s just me, the Mosquitos, the turtles and a few other volunteers. Wish me luck!

This Weekly Challenge is now complete. To see how I got on with the ‘Volunteer for a good cause Challenge’ take a look at this post, or for more about how I’m trying 52 new things in just 52 weeks, go here.