Straw pole – how many people reading this post feel that their moods are primarily controlled by food and sleep? Okay put your hands down, I thought so. I know that statement is definitely true for me, I’m like a big six foot baby who throws his toys out of the pram whenever he doesn’t get enough of one or the other. But we’re all adults (or extremely advanced readers) now, so shouldn’t we have evolved to cope a bit better?

My very first weekly challenge tackled sleep and I now have a much more mindful approach to my sleep and it’s patterns. This week I’ve attempted to look at the other end of the equation with some focus on diet. So, if we are what we eat, what happens if I cut out all the processed rubbish and just eat raw and vegan for a week?

I will miss you meat, sugar, bread, dairy, crisps and chocolate. Please wait for me on the other side, I promise I’ll come back…albeit as a grumpy grouch.

This Weekly Challenge is now complete. To see how I got on with eating only raw food for a week have a look at this post, or a post about how I confronted my complicated relationship with food, is here. For more Weekly Challenges, or to find out what I’m up to this week, it’s here.