This week I’m attempting to learn to surf. Every man worth his salt (and I don’t really know what that means) should be able to surf. Being able to surf is towards the top of my list of things I’ve always wanted to be good at, so much so that I often fib and tell people I can surf. I can’t. I need to learn to surf.

Surfing is not a cultural thing for me – I don’t really *like* stereotypical surfers and surf culture, in the same way that I don’t really like backpackers – but I do happen to know that balancing on a plastic plank being propelled forwards on a jet of greeny-white water is one of the most exhilarating feelings on earth.

I completed my ‘learn to surf’ challenge in Santa Teresa, on the Nicoya peninsula of Costa Rica. It’s supposed to have great surf, so I won’t be able to blame the waves if I fail, thou perhaps I will blame the raw food diet.

I have now completed this Weekly Challenge, to see how I got on (including the chilling tale of how I nearly drowned, have a look here