This week I’m finding out how to promote my blog. Following the double-down Weekly Challenge of Surfing and Raw Food, I took some time out to reflect but this week I’m back on the Weekly Challenge bandwagon and attempting to learn how to promote my blog My Year In Flux to a wider audience, and I need your help.

I have never blogged regularly before, and I have little idea how to promote my blog. So it is perhaps no surprise that this site has some shonky writing in places and (so far) only a thin trickle of visitors. But neither of those facts sways me from the belief that My Year In Flux has a wide appeal!

Seriously, who WOULDN’T like this blog

Learning how to step regularly outside your comfort zone can be a great spark for increased creativity, productivity and personal growth. Added to that the compelling story of one man attempting to learn 52 new skills in 52 weeks, you have to ask yourself, who *wouldn’t* be wildly interesting in My Year In Flux.

That’s why this week I’m going out on a limb to learn how to promote my blog My Year In Flux to a wider audience. In time, I hope this Weekly Challenge will equip me with a raft of new skills (there must be so many ways to promote your blog to a wider audience).

Asking for stuff is difficult

In the meantime, the act of promoting this blog will definitely push me out of my comfort zone once again because the main ways I expect to increase traffic is by being patient, talking about My Year In Flux beyond these four virtual walls, and asking people who don’t know me (and some who do) for help. That all feels quite daunting right now!

So how will I manage to generate eyeballs for My Year In Flux? Where Do you start in marketing your blog? I’ll probably need to tweak the content of this site, but I also hope to try a whole raft of new stuff, ranging from a fun social media campaign to SEO, design improvements, guest posts elsewhere and of course, good old-fashioned Word Of Mouth.

You can help me promote My Year In Flux

If you like and read this blog, do one thing for me: send one email to a friend or a social media update to a bunch of friends. Tell them about one article on here they might find interesting, such as my piece about a life changing week working with turtles in Costa Rica or how I learned to conquer my gambling vice to Win in Vegas.

Or just tell them there’s this guy who’s got rid of his home and job and is trying a new skill every week for a year as a crazy life experiment.

It isn’t a tough pitch, and you’d be doing me a massive favour AND getting my ‘Promote This Blog Weekly Challenge’ off to a flying start. Thanks in advance for all your help!

This is a Weekly Challenge. David Dodd is undertaking a new challenge every week, experiencing new cultures, learning new skills and trying new experiences. To see previous Weekly Challenges CLICK HERE, or to suggest a Weekly Challenge GO HERE