Speed reading is my Weekly Challenge #17 beginning today.

Inspired by this piece by Four Hour Work Week legend Tim Ferriss I’m going to see how much I can improve my reading speed and comprehension in the space of a single week.

If you haven’t read Tim’s book, you really should, right NOW: The 4-Hour Work Week: Escape the 9-5, Live Anywhere and Join the New Rich

Speed reading: an invaluable life skill

To me, it seems reading quickly (and understanding well) is an invaluable life skill. I don’t know why I’ve never thought of it before, to be honest.

Before departing on my flux journey I began compiling a reading list for the journey. My thinking was that I’d have more brain space once work was out of the equation plus multiple long bus journeys through Central and South America, where I am currently travelling, on which to read.

Book worm

My reading list numbered around 30 titles when I began My Year In Flux on 1 March 2013, and was made up of fiction and non-fiction, a mixture of classics, recommendations from friends and a few books I’d just been meaning to read for a while. How exciting, I thought, time to read and a fun, varied reading list to cover every mood.

Time, space, motivation and the right materials. The perfect combination. I’d become a book worm overnight. By the time the year was out I’d not only be well-travelled, I’d be well-read too.

Nearly four months on, my reading list has grown to over 50 titles and I am reading just as few books (around one per 2-3 weeks) as I was when I was at home. It seems the flux of travelling, seeing new sights, meeting new people plus researching and writing this blog have combined to rob me of my precious reading time!

Habits don’t make themselves…

A week of speed reading will not only mean I’ll learn how to get through more books, it will also mean time dedicated to my reading list, which is great. By undertaking this challenge, I am taking a positive step towards a positive new habit.

I have now completed this Weekly Challenge, to see how I managed to increase my reading speed by an astonishing amount, click here

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