As my travels in South America have this week conveniently brought me to the home of extreme sports in Colombia, San Gil, I’ve decided to spend Weekly Challenge #18 trying a couple of the different extreme sports thrills on offer here. Sometimes travel can throw up these odd opportunities…

Having a dabble with thrill-seeking might seem like the inevitable route for someone continually pushing themselves to try something new every week, but I don’t agree. To me, there’s a big difference between the thrill of novelty and the primal desire of the thrill-seeker. The latter is NOT what my quest to try new things is all about, it’s the exception that proves the rule: you don’t have to jump off a Columbian waterfall to get the thrills and benefits of trying something new. That’s why I’d recommend the more benign pursuits of learning Spanish or eating a raw food diet over extreme sports, because all you’ll learn from the latter is that surviving your innermost fears is thrilling, whereas simple life hacks can be much more rewarding on the quest for personal development.

So all told, the prospect of bungee jumping, white water reading, pot holing and paragliding here in San Gil, Colombia, leave me decidedly cold, but MyYearInFlux is about continually pushing at the boundaries of my comfort zone, and this will sometimes entail pursuits which don’t fill me with excitement!

If MyYearInFlux ends here, in a torrent of Colombian white water, I just want you all to know, it’s been a blast :-)