Is it possible to write a new business plan a day for 7 days? No, but it’s possible to write a 1 page outline, and by the end of the week, I plan to have written 7 of them,

As the 20th weekiversary of my Weekly Challenges approaches, I’ve taken the controversial decision to dip my head back into the real world, exercise my business brain and put one eye firmly on the future. Sure, this challenge doesn’t really constitute living in the moment (I’m staying on a beautiful coffee finca right now in Colombia’s rolling hills) and truly embracing the flux, but I’ve actually never written a business plan before (not even for the business I founded and ran for 5 years), and I’ve had a niggling urge at the back of my brain to start thinking about what I might do when My Year In Flux is over. So, instead of ignoring or becoming frustrated by the business ‘itch’, I’m going to well and truly scratch it, by writing a one page business plan outline every single day. That should get the real world out of my system for a while!