Memory is the subject of the first of my two brain training challenges during this Mental Week. Between now and Sunday, I am aiming to considerably improved the health of my mind with some simple brain training. I’m also attempting some Mental Photography, but that’s another story. After all, there’s no point in trying something new every week for a year if you can’t remember half of it. This week, I’m also more than likely going to be visiting the Bolivian Amazon…so that’s another classic Flux Cocktail!

You CAN teach an old dog new tricks

If My Year In Flux has proved anything so far, it’s that you CAN teach an old dog new tricks. 5 months on from quitting the real world and commencing a life of flux, I’ve become a blogger, learned to love backpacking and confronted my problems with sleep and food. Along the way, I’ve also tried out learning Spanish, surfing, rafting, paragliding, speed reading, meditation, responsible gambling in Las Vegas, turtle conservation, the list goes on… Suffice it to say, I’ve got new tricks coming out of my whiskers.

So, you can understand why that old adage about dogs and new tricks annoys me. It’s just such a lame and lazy excuse for stasis, implying an inability to develop as we age, and giving weight to the commonly held opinion that the older we get, the less receptive our brains are to new information, skills and languages. Happily, that’s all poppycock, as my flux journey and this study about adult brain regrowth from a really long time ago has shown.

This challenge will not be completed under scientific conditions: I will likely be traveling through the Bolivian Amazon this week (which should make the Mental Photography Challenge fun), so I’ll be using a combination of brain exercises (there must be an app for that?), meditation and diet in an attempt to develop brain function and improve my memory. Check back soon to see how I fare (if I remember to post, that is).

This is a Weekly Challenge. I am undertaking a new challenge every week as part of My Year In Flux, that´s 52 new skills and experiences in just 52 weeks. To read about other Weekly Challenges I´ve completed, such as meditation and turtle conservation, have a wander over to this part of the site.