I will be attempting to learn Coin Magic over the next 7 days, and by the end of the week I hope to palming my way to riches.

Magic was on my list of potential Weekly Challenges right from the beginning of My Year In Flux because conjuring has fascinated me from a very early age. Perhaps it was the British TV obsession with Paul Daniels during my childhood in the 1980s, or the kudos promised by books I would check out of the library as a young teenager which assured me I was only a few easy steps away from “amazing my friends and family with easy and baffling magic tricks”. Or perhaps magic was merely an early outlet for my passionate theatrical leanings (a passion which I killed stone dead over the course of a 3 year degree). My mother and brother, who both patiently sat through plenty of long and arduous ‘magic’ shows, would certainly tell you one thing for sure: I was, and am, a terrible magician.

Throughout my many magical travails, which mainly involved mathematical or sleight-of-hand card tricks, I never really tried my hand at the grand old ┬áskill of Coin Magic. A half-arsed French Drop (which never fools anyone) is the only coin magic ‘skill’ I possess. So it is with excitement and fanfare, and after a 15 year hiatus, that I am announcing my return to Magic. Prepare to be dazzled and amazed…or at any rate amused.