This weekly challenge is now complete, to see how I got on on the salt flats of Salar de Uyuni, have a look here.

This week we’re spending a few days heading across the Bolivian countryside towards the Salar Uyuni salt flats, where we’ll arrive at sunrise on my 33rd birthday.

Salar Uyuni salt flats. Bolivia

The incredible Salar Uyuni salt flats, courtesy of Anlopelope

Sure, there have been more difficult challenges than sitting in a 4×4 for a few days taking in marvellous and other-worldly sights, but frankly I don’t expect to have much time for anything else, and the altitude (we’ll be sleeping at 4000+ metres each night) will be hard, so as another year of my life dawns I’m going to embrace the reality of what is actually possible, and focus on enjoying some incredible new sights and hopefully a memorable birthday.