This Weekly Challenge is now COMPLETE. Yay! To see How I Conquered Procrastination in just 1 week, take a wander over here.

Productivity. Getting stuff done. Mono-tasking without monotony. Making ideas happen. Behind almost every success story is a system, and the system usually addresses the thorny issue of productivity. I mean, come on, haven’t you ever wondered how much better things could be if you could actually achieve more every day?

Through 6 months of living in flux I’ve tried many new things, visited many new places and met loads of new people, but I’ve never stopped long enough to need any organisational systems beyond my own natural controlling tendencies. But this week, all that changes.

With only 6 months until I exit the flux to begin a new lifestyle, and a month or so before we head back to the UK, I’m stopping and unpacking for a few weeks in Buenos Aires. Here in Argentina’s buzzy capital, the aim is to capitalise on the objectivity and distance we’ve gained from the real world. Here I also plan to review the journey so far, look to the future, and catch up on writing up all those Weekly Challenges I’ve told you about over the last couple of months. I’ll still be seeing the sights and trying something new every week, but in an attempt to maximise my capacity during my stay here, I’m spending this first week exploring and embracing productivity. It might not sound very ‘flux’, but even novelty can take some organising, believe me!

And if you’re wondering why it took me until a Thursday to write up a challenge which began on Monday and revolves around getting things done, it’s because I de-prioritised this post in favour of other, more important tasks. Once my to do list tells me I can, I’ll let you know how I got on with Productivity week…