Since arriving in Argentina, I’ve become totally infatuated with the tooth-achingly sweet Dulce de Leche, so I’ve decided to spend my 30th Weekly Challenge learning how to make perfect Dulce de Leche.


Argentina is perhaps most famous for its holy trinity of Steak, Red Wine and Tango, but if you were to add a fourth item to that list it would have to be Argentina’s best kept secret, the delicious liquid caramely decadence that is Dulce de Leche. Literally translated as ‘sweet of the milk’, Dulce de Leche is a dark and sugary spread made from evaporated milk and sugar which is served on everything from bread to ice cream here.

As someone who loves cooking and baking, I’ve always secretly fantasised about having the time to spend a few days going through the process of perfecting a recipe. Felicity Cloake at the Guardian gets to do this every week in one of my favourite culinary columns How To Cook The Perfect…, so to follow in her footsteps, by using a number of different recipes plus trial-and-error to make my own version of Dulce de Leche, is a bit of a dream come true. I may have faced many funcomfortable moments through my Weekly Challenges this year, but this week should be a real, waistline-expanding pleasure.