My Americas adventure may be drawing to a close, but I’ve saved perhaps the best sight until the end, because this week we’ll be visiting one of the Seven Wonders of the World, Iguazu Falls.

The majestic Iguazu Falls at sunset

Image courtesy of SF Brit on Flikr.

Sitting on the border between Argentina and Brazil, Iguazu Falls has over 250 individual waterfalls and is said to be a jaw dropping spectacle. Famously, on seeing the falls for the first time, former US First Lady Eleanor Roosvelet was said to have exclaimed “Poor Niagra”.

Iguazu Falls is the penultimate stop on a 7 month journey which has taken my wife and I from Canada, down the West Coast of the USA, through Costa Rica, Colombia, Peru, Bolivia and Argentina. After Iguazu, we’re spending a few days in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, before flying back to the UK.

Like all good things, our journey must come to an end, but not before we’ve taken in the might of Iguazu Falls. Once we’re back in the UK, the Flux will continue: I still have no set plans, no job, no fixed address, and no idea what my final 20 Weekly Challenges will hold. Bring on the Falls, and bring on the Flux!