This week marks the end of my 7 month journey across the Americas, so what better way to rubber-stamp my drifter status than with a week of digital detox?

After the incredible beauty of Iguazu Falls which I experienced last week, I feel inspired by nature, so I’m pretty happy to be waving goodbye to the Internet, phone, email and camera for a week. Though this won’t be the first time on this trip that I’ve done without all these essentials of modern living (we spent weeks in Costa Rica and Bolivia without electricity for goodness sake!), it’ll be the first time I’ve voluntarily and deliberately put away the modern world in favour of simpler pursuits. This means that any writing will be pen-and-paper, blogging will be on hold, and Internet communication and research will be completely off the table. Accordingly, I expect to be experiencing a week in buzzing Rio de Janeiro completely buzz and bleep free.

Doing a digital detox feels like an appropriately serene way to end a memorable journey, and I can’t wait!