Following Russell Brand’s recent call for a revolution, I’ll be spending the next seven days devising an alternative way of managing a sovereign nation. We’ve had monarchism, totalitarianism and parliamentism, but today I begin work on a new ruling system which is fit for the demands of a 21st Century country like Britain. It won’t quite be Russell Brand politics, but it should be a bit different from our tired old system.

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Power is sexy, isn’t it? Image by John K.

If you haven’t yet seen the BBC Newsnight video clip in which Russell Brand spars with, flirts with and rants at Jeremy Paxman, it’s certainly worth a look. In the interview, Brand explains why he doesn’t vote, calls for a new political paradigm run by ‘admin bods’, and predicts that revolution is coming. My Facebook feed has been awash with discussions about the interview ever since. Everyone seems to have an opinion on what Brand meant (and whether he’s a nincompoop), almost everyone seems disenchanted with the current system of government, but no one seems to know exactly what to do.

I know not whether, in just seven days, I’ll have managed an entire raft of policies or merely some utopian brain farts, but however far I’ve got, I’ll publish my manifesto once the week is completed.



What policies should I include? How can we fix old problems with new systems? Is Brand just a raving communist who should be ignored? If I’m going to make sense of all this and devise a cogent system, I need your help!