Illustration of sewing kit

Image courtesy of BingoButtercup on Flickr

After my success with bookbinding last week, I’m staying in Craft Corner and turning my newfound passion for handy skills in a different direction: learning to sew.

I’m not talking about clever cross-stitching and intricate appliqué here, but am instead determined to carry forward the idea (gathered during bookbinding week) of making something beautiful and useful, but this time using fabric, needle and thread.

As with bookbinding, sewing is an entirely new experience for me: sure, I’ve turned to a needle and thread in desperation where buttons and holes are concerned, but I’ve never made my own dress…or whatever men make when they get into sewing. Ahem. Wish me luck.


This is a Weekly Challenge, and as part of My Year In Flux I undertake a new one every seven days. That’s 52 new skills and experiences in just 12 months! Have a look at previous Weekly Challenges here.