My Year In Flux is a one year, no-turning-back experiment to see if, by dismissing almost every stable element in life and starting again, it is possible to take control, reboot, and convert a potentially messy midlife crisis into a glorious new beginning. It might sound like the basis of a corny self help book or the plot of an uplifting Hollywood blockbuster starring Julia Roberts. It isn’t, it’s my life.

I’m a 30 something entrepreneur and creative professional from London who thought he had it all. Having founded a thriving little creative business and bought a nice flat in London, I was sitting pretty. But I wasn’t happy. I was bored. So I took the decision to make a few changes – but changes can be like tattoos: once you’ve tainted your body with one inky scourge you realise the potential for more is practically limitless. So in March 2013, I left my business (and job) behind, rented my flat, got rid of almost all my possessions and set myself the target of developing a sustainable and happy life within 1 year. During these twelve months I’m dismissing routine, familiarity and comfort. My new friends are novelty, chaos and chance – collectively known to me as flux. And I promise that, if we give them a chance, we can all learn to love these strange new friends and have a great Year In Flux.

This blog charts my Flux experiment from the moment I close the door on my professional life, mothball my cosy London existence and head out to embrace the new.